Peterborough care group launches new five star hospitality standards


Country Court Care will be bringing their catering services in-house as of October 2019, the decision means that the Hospitality team have the resources to deliver on their commitment to bring 5-star hotel standards to residents.

This takes the number of homes managed by the in-house hospitality team from 15 to 32, meaning the whole group is now catered in-house. Following an extensive review of food services, it was found that the catering teams were doing a great job preparing good food, creating menus with resident consultation, using seasonal ingredient and obtaining feedback. However, standards were not always consistent between all the homes.

“As the Country Court Care Group continues to grow we are keen to ensure that we deliver a consistently high standard of hospitality to our residents in all of our homes” Said Head of Hospitality Anwar Kajee “We have built an experienced Hospitality Team who not only oversee catering but also front of house and housekeeping. This ensures that we deliver a five-star hotel style service in every home, every day”

Country Court Care now employ front of house teams in many homes, creating almost 100 new positions in the last two years.

“Our Front of House teams are key in helping our residents feel comfortable, we’ve found that they really make a difference to people’s lives. Their varied role includes serving our residents their meals, snacks and beverages throughout the day, ensuring that tables are set ready for each meal and dining rooms are clean and tidy.” Explained Anwar “This has contributed to the 5-star hotel standards we are committed to delivering in our homes.”
This policy has released time for Country Court Care Chefs to plate their dishes where in the past they had to rely on care staff to serve food to residents. Having a team dedicated to the delivery of meals to the table means that each one is beautifully presented and enticing for residents.

“We are committed to driving up standards and making a positive contribution to our resident’s wellbeing” said Alykhan Kachra, Managing Director. “We know that mealtimes are key to our residents’ wellbeing not just in terms of their nutrition and health but as a time to enjoy their food and socialise with each other.”


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