Telegram from the Queen was delivered on horseback to Dublin-born Mary


A telegram from the Queen was delivered on horseback to Dublin-born Mary (Maisie) Kavanagh today to mark her milestone 100th birthday!

Bowood Court & Mews, Maisie’s home since 2017, arranged the traditional delivery together with lavish birthday celebrations including visit from the Redditch Mayor, live entertainment and plenty of refreshments for all Maisie’s beloved family and friends.

“A grandmother to 11 grandchildren we know family is very important to Maisie and we wanted to host a celebration they would all cherish for this extra special milestone!’ explained Dawn Leaver, Bowood Court & Mews Manager. ‘The delivery of the telegram was a wonderful touch and certainly sparked lots of conversation. Maisie is a very popular character here at Bowood and we even had a fabulous delivery of a piece of artwork with 100 local children’s handprints to recognise her 100th birthday!’

‘This has been very special, the horse was such a surprise! I’m very grateful to my friends at Bowood Court & Mews for making this day perfect,’ added a slightly overwhelmed Maisie!

Maisie’s background
Maisie’s maiden name Pedrechi has been traced back in the family tree to Tuscany and ‘Louis’ is a family name that goes back to Maisie`s own father and Grandfather. Maisie kept up with tradition and named one of her sons Louis too! She married John during the war in 1941 and then came over to England from Dublin in 1942 and as a young bride moved to Birmingham. Maisie had 6 children, five boys and one girl and now has 11 grandchildren. Supporting her family, Maisie worked in a sauce factory and is well-known at Bowood Court & Mews for her love of tomato ketchup!


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