Getting the hotel look using dimout curtains in care homes



Dimout Curtains

Getting the Hotel Look Using Dimout Curtains in Care Homes
When working in care homes owners and residents are looking for a lovely interiors finish that is durable, compliant to fire regulations and excellent value. A great option for care homes is to manufacture curtains with unlined dimout fabrics.

Richard Burnside from Direct Fabrics says “Dimout curtains offer a great cost effective option for care homes as the curtains are washable at high temperatures and offers excellent light control at a low price.”

What are Dimout Curtains & Fabrics
Dimout fabrics are manufactured with multiple layers of yarn usually comprising of 3 layers to give it a decorative face and plain matching coloured back. Manufactured with a central black warp yarn to give it a dense twill construction. This means you get a product that is durable and inherently flame retardant and also light controlling to 90+% dimout without lining

Inherently flame retardant to BS5867 Part2c
The care home regulations requires that curtains and blinds be flame retardant, but the complex part of this is to ensure that curtains can be laundered and preferably at high temperatures (71 degrees) for thermal disinfection. By using a single fabric without lining you can ensure that they will launder well and if any shrinkage was to occur it wouldn’t be noticeable as there is no lining at a different composition.

Fire Regulations for Care Homes
Care Homes are required to have curtains to BS5867 Part2b (washable 10 times) or BS5867 Part 2C. (washable 50 times).
Government Residential Care Requirements

Washing of Fabrics
Also per the care and social act the intention of this regulation is to make sure that the premises where care and treatment are delivered are clean, suitable for the intended purpose.

Getting the Hotel Look in a Care Home
The best part of using dimout fabrics is that they are used in a lot of modern hotels. So you can get hotel curtains in a care home environment. Hotel modern finishes are now becoming more common in care home environments with it being shown that certain patterns and bright colours work well with dementia patients treatment.

Benefits of Dimout Curtains in a Care Home
• Hotel Quality Interior Design
• Launderable at 71 degrees for thermal disinfection
• Low Cost at under £10-£15 per metre – Pair of Curtains from £75
• Huge array of colours and styles
• Large stock for big projects.
• Lower Cost than Lined Printed Curtains
• 90+% Dimout to Blackout inherently without lining

If you are looking for modern semi plain fabrics that have a dimout light control so are over 90% light blocking without lining them; dimout curtains are the right option for you to get the hotel curtain look. Browse a full range of curtains at Direct Fabrics


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