Alfie and Roo delight residents at Shropshire nursing home


Alpacas Alfonzo and Roulette, known as Alfie and Roo, delighted residents at Shropshire nursing home, Stretton Hall, in All Stretton.


The two brothers and their handler Sarah Dakin from Wildwood Alpacas brought a touch of animal magic to the Morris Care nursing home. Residents welcomed them with pats, hugs and treats and spoke to them too.



Social Life Co-Ordinator Issy Pitts said: “It was amazing to see the effect these beautiful, friendly animals have. They have a way of connecting with our residents and were a big success judging by the smiles and conversations they prompted.


“Animal visits are a great way of engaging people, including those living with dementia. They provide a different experience and help bring back fond memories of their own pets. Many of our residents are animal lovers but were quite surprised to meet alpacas for the first time.”


The two three year olds are part of a herd of 30 other alpacas but spend most of their time together. Roo has an unforgettable hairstyle and he’s quite particular about who he lets touch it. Alfie on the other hand, is quite laid back and will eat out of your hand.


Sarah Dakin, from the business based on the Staffordshire/Shropshire border, said: “Stretton Hall is a truly beautiful home. The staff, especially Issy, made us feel very welcome and the boys loved going around meeting the residents.


“It’s great to be able to get out in the community and bring smiles to people’s faces. Roo is very selective with who he lets touch his hair, but didn’t have a problem with anyone stroking it at Stretton Hall!”


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