Accrington care home adopts innovative approach to enable dignity and independence

Andrea Buckley (Rough Lee Home Manager), shows resident Chris Lea how the Closomat works.

A five star-rated care home is adopting an innovative approach to enabling its residents to retain their dignity and independence.

Rough Lee Care Home in Accrington caters for people with disabilities who need 24 hour support. Its ethos is to encourage independence and choice wherever possible. Thus it is built on one level to encourage ease of movement around the premises and grounds, and is optimising its use of assistive technology.

To this end, it has had a Closomat Palma Vita wash dry/ shower toilet installed in one of its en-suite wetrooms. It brings the total number of Closomats that the home has to five: to date, three in appropriate en-suites- personalised to individual resident’s needs- and one in each of the communal bathrooms on each of the home’s two corridors. More are planned.

Another bedroom with ensuite

Looking like- and capable of being used as- a conventional WC, the Closomat has integrated washing and drying functions. There is no need, if chosen, for the user to wipe- or be wiped- clean.

“I’m surprised more care homes don’t have them,” comments manager Andrea Buckley. “We are in the process of an ongoing upgrade of the 17 bedrooms; we’d like to fit Closomats in every en-suite where the residents can use them. It’s about dignity and independence, so, where appropriate, residents can ‘go’ without staff support. Most of the residents use the ones in the communal bathrooms: they like that the WC washes and dries them, they feel clean, without having to rely on our staff.”

Among the existing Closomats, Rough Lee has specified additional accessories where required: one features integrated fold-away arms, to give the resident enhanced leverage and support if needed. Closomat’s Palma Vita is unique in this ability to accessorise to accommodate individual needs, be it initially or retrospectively. Options include supports, seats, operating devices, and height adjustability.

View from bedroom to en suite

Full details of Closomat’s care solutions can be found on its website


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