Nottingham City Hospital thanks carer for being a star!


A CARE home worker received a surprise note while accompanying a resident to an appointment at Nottingham City Hospital.

Helen Squire, a care assistant at Longmoor Lodge Care Home, in Sandiacre, was chaperoning resident Frank Teate, who was at the hospital to see a cardiologist.

While waiting with Frank, cardiology department manager Jackie Richardson approached Helen and presented her with a postcard emblazoned with “Thank You – You’re a Star”.

On the other side, Jackie had written: “For being kind, which I consider one of the greatest attributes for any human being and expect in my staff.

“And for caring. You clearly enjoy your work and this is a pleasure to see.”

Helen, who has worked at Longmoor Lodge Care Home for four years, said: “I often go to hospital appointments with residents as a chaperone.

“I was astonished when we were approached by the department manager and given such a lovely note. I was just doing my job but it was a very kind of her.”


  1. This is great for usually you only hear the bad relating to care, while in general there is good care taking place.

    It is great that this, in this instance has been recognised and provides an incentive for others and a good image for the care profession.

    I hope Matt Hancock Minister of State for Health & Social Care,is aware of this and he himself also gives some recognition the the care workers in the care industry.

    His first action could be to sign the Petition – Pay all employed carers the Living Wage,!Aq2MsYduiazgmCQhdKLxhEnYKnd-

    By paying workers a more reasonable wage it would be a help to encourage more people to become Care Workers.

    A small start but at least a start.


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