Nothing says spring like a spot of flower arranging in the sun

Joyce and gardener Peter

Nothing says spring like a spot of flower arranging in the sun and that is exactly what residents of Edward Moore House in Gravesend have been doing this week.

Making the most of the spring sunshine, residents of the Trinity Road care home have been busy crafting some beautiful bouquets, to brighten up their environment.

Armed with an array of lovely flowers and foliage, the green fingered residents got together in the garden and put their creative skills to the test, helping one another to make their own personalised pieces.

Christine Hutchinson, General Manager of Edward Moore House commented: “Flower arranging is an activity that always goes down well with our residents, they love the opportunity to be creative and put their own stamp on things.

“It gives them great pleasure to see the end result, which is something they can continue to enjoy after the activity is finished!”

Flower arranging is proven to be incredibly beneficial for older people, in particular for those living with dementia, as it not only reduces stress and promotes a feeling of calm, it also encourages the use of hands and creativity.


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