Sutton Coldfield care home celebrates first anniversary with Age Concern Birmingham


Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield on Jockey Road is celebrating the first anniversary of their partnership with local organisation Age Concern Birmingham, which aims to tackle loneliness amongst the elderly in the local community.

As part of the initiative, Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield and Age Concern Birmingham have been inviting members of the local community who are looking for companionship, to join residents and the team at the home for a delicious lunch, free of charge.

They also introduced The Wednesday Club, a lively affair for the residents and their families and others living in the local area. The bi-monthly event provides people with an opportunity to get to know the wonderful team at Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield, meet new friends and take a look at what the home has to offer.

The club was created to help support the community by offering a safe place to visit and help to change perceptions that people may have about care homes. Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield run The Wednesday Club on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

One local neighbour who has really felt the impact of Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield’s work is Josephine Rees (Josy). Josy volunteers as a companion to the residents at Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield and spends her time chatting to them and helping to make them feel comfortable. Josy has spent a lot of time at the home and all the moments and memories are very special to her.

Josephine Rees, Attendee of Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield’s Wednesday Club and volunteer, said:

“The fact I now have things to look forward to each week has been so heart-warming for me. I now have purpose and I feel needed. The Wednesday Club is always vibrant and I really look forward to the entertainment. The Christmas Market last year was wonderful and festive.

“I feel as if I finally have a sense of belonging. The team are so kind and always look out for me. I love everything about Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield: the coffee, the residents, the team and the chickens! It feels safe there and everyone, literally everyone is so lovely and warm.”

In addition to this, as part of their ongoing work to support the community, the care home is also working with Vesey Police. They meet on the last Thursday of every month and this month Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield are doing a community walk with PCSO’s which ends with refreshments at Age Concern Birmingham.

Jody Sedgwick, Home Admissions Advisor at Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield, said:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed running the Wednesday Club, alongside Age Concern, over the past year. Everyone that comes along is so lovely and I know they really appreciate spending a few hours with the residents and having some company. It is so important to look after the elderly and this is such a fun way to do so.

“I am also very excited to start working with Vesey Police in the coming weeks. There are some many ways that we can help the community and I look forward to making whatever difference I can to people’s lives.”

If you would like to know more about Age Concern Birmingham, Vesey Police walk, The Wednesday Club, or would like to visit Gracewell of Sutton, please get in touch by calling 01217 968383.


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