First of its kind dementia care in Malpas


Marking Dementia Action Week, from the 20th-26th May, Prospect House Nursing Home is leading the way in improving the quality of life for people with advanced dementia by adopting the Namaste “loving touch” Care Programme.

During the week, Prospect House care and nursing home will be delivering person directed sessions structured around residents’ needs and symptoms with meaningful activities, personal care, quality time, holistic assessments, engagement and inclusion for all that follows the principles of Namaste Care – a term meaning ‘to honour the spirit within’ to create a peaceful end to life by reducing the anxiety and agitation people with dementia often show.

Sharon Dodds, RMN, and home manager at Prospect House care and nursing home says: “Delivering the Namaste Care Programme during Dementia Action Week will have even more resonance with us and the families we support as we continue to work to improve the lives of those with dementia.

“Working with the loved ones of residents to partake in the programme is of great value, not only to the residents but also for themselves, who have sometimes struggled to engage positively with their mother or father, husband, or wife. For them to be able to witness them in a relaxed state, embracing others in their environment, and engaging in activities they never thought possible is a truly amazing experience.”

Namaste Care is a seven-day-a-week program delivered throughout the year where residents receive meaningful activities through a ‘loving touch’ approach. Led by a team of carers and nurses, Namaste Care has enhanced the lives of people with advanced dementia or who are at the end stage of any illness by providing a peaceful, non-isolating environment throughout the day that allows them to end their lives with dignity and tranquillity.



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