90 year old Dot now has her ‘magic boots’


A 90-year-old who finds it difficult to walk because her feet are too painful and swollen to wear shoes or slippers is the proud owner of a pair of ‘magic boots’.

A health issue means Dorothy ‘Dot’ Harris, a resident at Camelot House nursing home in Wellington, has extra-wide feet and one bigger than the other.

However, the issue proved no problem for activities assistant Sophie Carter, aged 23, who created a specially-designed pair of boots for Dot in her spare time.

“I thought about things Dot told me about her feet, like how cold they got and that it hurts to walk on the hard ground, and I wanted to do something to help her,” said Sophie.

“Dot suffers from swollen feet and struggles to find the right shoes to fit and keep her comfortable.

“After measuring her up, I used a quilted fabric as my main material as I knew it would be warm and provide protection for her feet.

“I made the soles using double layer of thick wadding and corduroy, and wadding again at the back of the shoe to provide extra support.

“And to make sure they wouldn’t be too tight, or too loose, I made sure the slippers could be easily adjusted using a Velcro fastening.”

Sophie made the boots in green fabric, Dot’s favourite colour, and decorated them with a large flower button and a button and a colourful ribbon on the back.

“I was thrilled when Dot tried them on and told me they were warm and comfy and that the softness of the soles meant walking would be easier as she wasn’t in as much pain from pressure.

“I’m so pleased for Dot who is such a dear lady and delighted to have been able to do something to make it easier for her to get about.”

Sophie who has a degree in theatrical costume, and has her own sewing studio at her home in Raddington, started work at Camelot House & Lodge, run by care provider, Camelot Care, in January.

Richard Dempslake, who heads the home’s activities team, said Sophie had spent time getting to know what Dot was looking for.

“The moment Sophie delivered Dot her ‘magic boots’ was really emotional and moving,” said Richard. “You could see how pleased she was.
“We are all extremely proud of Sophie. She only joined us a few months ago but has already shown us her ability to think outside the box.”


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