Siblings reunited at Sunrise of Tettenhall care home


Just imagine growing old, and being able to go back to living with your siblings…

Meet Margaret Edwards and Elsie Jenkins residents of Sunrise of Tettenhall care home. These women are unique to other residents within the community as they are both lucky enough to have a sibling living with them at the home.

Eileen Turner and Pat Evans love the fact that they get to enjoy their later life with their sisters Margaret and Elsie – under the same roof once again.

Margaret is 94, born in 1924 and her sister Eileen is two years younger, born in 1926. They have both spent most of their lives in Wolverhampton and Margaret moved into Sunrise of Tettenhall in December 2013. Eileen lived nearby and was a regular visitor until 2016 when she made the decision to move to Sunrise of Tettenhall herself to join her sister.

They see one another every day during mealtimes and love remembering their very happy childhoods, which they spent with their parents Ted and Maggie. Their experiences of attending Our Lady of Mercy Grammar School are often fondly recalled, as are their past holidays and family occasions. Both sisters followed teaching careers, and Eileen lived in the USA for a year in the late 1950s on a teacher exchange program. This fostered a lifelong love of travel and she has seen many corners of the world including China, India, North and South America, Africa and most of Europe.

The sisters are also regularly visited by their family and very much enjoy seeing their loved ones at Sunrise of Tettenhall. Margaret was married to Arthur, a former Spitfire pilot and later primary school teacher, for 46 years until he passed away in 1994. They have one daughter, Siân, and two grandchildren, Greg and Julia.
Although they are very different personalities they are both happy at Sunrise of Tettenhall and are very appreciative of the care they receive from the staff. They have both lived long, happy and fulfilled lives, enjoying very successful careers and, for the most part, good health.

Elsie is 97, and turns 98 in August and Pat is 79, and turns 80 in June. The sisters have also spent most of their lives living in Wolverhampton. The pair have been very close throughout their whole lives as Elsie was 18 when Pat was born and played a huge part in bringing her up and being motherly figure in her life. Pat would spend a lot of time with Elsie and her husband Sam when they were growing up.

Pat moved into Sunrise of Tettenhall two years ago. Elsie and the rest of the family would often visit Pat but eventually, as Elsie reached 97 years old, she wanted more care and support, as well as company and moved into Sunrise of Tettenhall in January this year to be with her sister.

The pair are still very close. The best thing about living together at the community is the fact that they can reminisce together and share even more wonderful memories. The sisters come from a small family and both their husbands were great friends for many years. Both sisters also have one son each who are also good friends and their families are very close.

The sisters are very involved in the activities at Sunrise of Tettenhall. Elsie has started exercise classes and her social life has picked up significantly since she moved in. Both sisters love a day trip – it’s their favourite thing to do. They also love to take part in the knitting club and chatting with the staff and other residents.

Jenny Billingsley, Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Tettenhall, said: “Having sisters living together in the community is just delightful. Margaret and Eileen are such vibrant happy women and seeing them laugh together and hearing their stories is really enjoyable. Similarly, Elsie and Pat are wonderful residents who are always great fun to have around.

“We really support having family members, as well as couples, join us at Sunrise and love to see families staying under the same roof or being reunited for the first time in a long time.”


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