Camden domiciliary care service rated Outstanding overall


A Camden domiciliary care service has been rated Outstanding overall by the Care Quality Commission.

Penrose Care Limited (PCL), was rated Outstanding for being caring and effective. It was rated Good for being safe, responsive and well-led, following the inspection in February 2019. Previously it had been rated Good overall.

PCL provides personal care for people with physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries and health issues relating to ageing.

People’s outcomes were consistently better than expected and PCL was described as exceptional and distinctive. People using the service, relatives, staff and external professionals provided consistently positive feedback about the service. One family member said: “Huge gratitude and admiration for how you picked up the pieces. I don’t know how you managed it was so reassuring to feel my relative was so well cared for during my absence.”

The agency also received very positive feedback from external health professionals. One said: “All patients that we have visited were well looked after. The staff are dedicated and have very good knowledge about client needs and preferences, which they always share where relevant, to help us deliver best care.”

People using the service and their relatives thought staff were extremely skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in supporting people. Comments included: “New carers shadow initially, they learn quickly” and “Absolutely delighted and bowled over with the care from Penrose.” Others said that staff helped with food shopping and preparation of people’s favourite meals.

Staff knew clients well and helped them enhance their potential and live the best life possible, regardless of their health condition. As a direct result people could stay independent and do things to increase their self-worth.

Information about how people preferred to and could communicate was recorded in their care plans. Staff could communicate effectively with people because relationships were good and staff understood people.

Community involvement included providing a dementia awareness surgery at local community events – or meeting with the representatives of the local council to raise concerns about community safety such as cracked pavements.

Encouraging people’s independence was at the heart of Penrose staff culture and values. One staff member told CQC: “Empowering people to make their own choices is very important. I do this by letting them know their choice is important to me. For instance, one of my elderly clients wanted to do her washing up. I told her how happy I was to see her active.”

The provider’s outstanding features included providing all staff with specialist training. This resulted in a consistent, trusting relationships with people being well cared for, enabling people to lead full lives and participate in community events.

Staff received training in equality and diversity. The agency respected people’s cultural and religious needs and the ways people lived their lives. Staff supported people in accessing places of worship or to prepare food that was in line with their religious and cultural requirements.

Staff said that Penrose management took good care of them. One said: “I know I am a valued worker whose opinion matters.” This helped to retain staff. One relative said: “We are very happy with the company, they pay a living wage so retain staff longer so there is more continuity.”

Debbie Ivanova, CQC’s Deputy Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, said: “I am very pleased to see continued improvement at Penrose Care Limited. At CQC’s previous inspection the service was rated Good overall and now it has moved up to Outstanding, our highest rating.

“Staff and management at Penrose Care work hard to ensure that people they care for are encouraged to live as independently as they possibly can. Evidence gathered from people using the service, their relatives and other health professionals shows they were impressed with the care and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.”

You can read the inspection report in full when it is published on CQC’s website by clicking on


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