Winners and losers at Lawson House Extra Care Housing Scheme



The winners with their prizes

Eager for the chance to show off their general knowledge, residents of Lawson House Extra Care Housing Scheme gathered in the restaurant for the weekly quiz.

In their teams, residents of the Larkfield scheme were armed with their pen and paper, ready to wrestle the brainteasers, set by this week’s quizmaster. The winning team took home a small prize, whilst the losing team held the wooden spoon for the week ahead.

Steve Stott, a resident at Lawson House said: “We have introduced some new activities here at Lawson House, including a regular coffee morning, games afternoons and the quiz.

“It’s all about getting to know one another and spending time together, so it’s great so many people came along, it was lovely to welcome some family and friends too.”

Jil Stanley, Housing Officer at Lawson House added: “Living at Lawson House is very much about being part of a community and that really is evident in all the activities we do

Losers take home the spoon

here. Everyone knows everyone and they all look forward to getting together, it’s really great to be a part of.”


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