Closomat takes single handed care provision to another level


Closomat is giving social care providers a new dimension in single handed care.

The company- Britain’s leading provider of enabling toilet solutions- maintains that appropriate choice of equipment/ assistive technology delivers single handed care from a different perspective: in its case, single handed being just the person who needs help, eliminating any need for one- or two- carers.

Installation of a Closomat Palma Vita shower/ wash dry toilet in place of a conventional WC means the care recipient is enabled to go to the toilet without needing a carer to wipe them after. The WC’s integrated douching and drying features mean there is no need for a carer to assist in cleaning after bladder and/or bowel movement.

Thus the client can ‘go’ whenever they need. It gives them greater dignity and is more hygienic than using a commode, particularly if continence is an issue. In terms of a year of care, the purchase price saves money against providing a carer for a year, to help just with toileting.

Uniquely, it is the only shower toilet that can be accessorised retrospectively, with alternative operating and support solutions. Thus the Closomat Palma Vita can continue to enable the user to toilet single-handed, as their mobility, dexterity, strength deteriorates.

“The perception is that single handed care applies to moving and handling, the use of equipment to deliver a more efficient service, better use of available resources, in that only one carer may be needed in place of two,” observes Robin Tuffley, Closomat Marketing Manager. “But what about taking the interpretation to another level: enabling the client to undertake certain ADLs single-handedly i.e. on their own, without any care support? That, where appropriate, delivers even better use of available resources, especially if there is no additional financial cost…”

Closomat was the first company to introduce the concept of shower toilets into the UK, (over 55 years ago,) and has now sold in excess of 50,000 such toilets. It manufactures a complete range of options- floor mounted, wall-hung and automatically height adjustable. Full details of each version, plus operating systems, technical specifications etc can be found at Closomat’s website

Uniquely, Closomat is a British company, with its head office, sales, service and support teams based in Manchester; it also uniquely offers social care providers- public and private sector- a project management service whereby it can- in house- offer design and specification advice, supply, install, commission, and subsequently service. It is also unique in offering a commissioning visit as standard, to ensure that the WC is not only correctly and safely fitted, but that it is set up to suit the user, and they understand how it works, helping ensure stress-free delivery of independent living.


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