Brunelcare celebrates employee’s 30 year work anniversary


On Monday 11th February, Pat Watkins, a Homemaker with Brunelcare’s Saffron Gardens care home reached her 30th work anniversary with Brunelcare.

The care home team threw a surprise party for Pat that afternoon, presenting her with a special book of messages from the care home team, along with a gift, flowers and a cake to celebrate. Residents and the care home team were all there to celebrate this special achievement – even Pat’s grand-daughter and great grandson were there to mark the occasion too!

Asked what it has been like working with Brunelcare all this time, Pat said:
“The job really keeps me going, I love my job. I have definitely seen lots of changes over the years. Some ask why I don’t just retire now that I can, but I still love my job and my current role as a Homemaker, which makes the most of all my care and nursing skills. I have always enjoyed working here at Saffron Gardens care home for the last 30 years. It’s a big part of my life.”

Recognising Pat’s work over the years at Saffron Gardens, Buba Touray, Senior Nurse at Brunelcare’s Saffron Gardens care home shared these words:

“We congratulate Pat on reaching this service milestone at Brunelcare.

Brunelcare’s values and principles are excellence in service through innovation by people who care. The service award symbolises the time she has given to help us as we pursue those values and principles.

It is also a token of appreciation for the part she has played in making the company what it is today. Your talent and efforts have helped us achieve excellence in many years.

As you celebrate your 30 years of service anniversary, please accept our thanks.
We hope that today will remind you of Brunelcare’s appreciation.

Thank you from all the employees here.”

Pat will also be invited to attend Brunelcare’s annual Long Service and Training & Development Awards later this year, where her long service will be formally recognised and celebrated.


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