The power of networks for registered managers


Good managers and leaders in social care are fully committed to embedding best practice in their service by engaging with peers and sharing ideas that will develop their knowledge and skills to deliver the very best care.

This emerged in Skills for Care’s exploratory research published in 2018 that revealed a picture of a rewarding yet challenging role, where making links to other managers is a crucial part of building networks of support. The importance and value of networking for registered managers shouldn’t therefore be underestimated, neither should the support that the 20,000 registered managers in England need to provide high quality care.

Skills for Care facilitates registered manager networks, covering every local authority area in England. These networks offer registered managers the chance to meet locally with local managers who often face similar, everyday challenges.

Oliver French, Project Manager at Skills for Care commented: “As the go-to organisation for registered managers, we’re working hard to ensure that managers receive the praise and professional recognition they deserve through a number of initiatives, including our registered manager networks and professional membership body where managers can connect and share best practice.”

Networks are a valuable source of information and support for registered managers who can find themselves isolated in this pivotal role. They’re led by network chairs, who are registered managers and understand the daily pressures of the sector. Local networks meet at least three times a year and the agendas are always relevant to those attending.

Dawn Hartley is Registered Manager for Community Support Services and Network Chair for Calderdale and believes that networks are essential for support: “The sharing of information is key. Some of our managers work in isolation, so it’s great to get together and discuss the things we worry about and get support from others. We talk openly and frankly about our experiences. I’ve seen some fantastic working relationships develop as a result.”

The key benefits
Networks give registered managers the chance to:

  • access peer support, reducing isolation
  • share valuable information about their role and service
  • increase confidence outside of their daily environment
  • share skills and best practice
  • feel more confident and prepared for inspection
  • learn from guest speakers, including regulators and commissioners.

Join your local registered manager network

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Further support for registered managers can be found at


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