Supported living provider achieves two 100 per cent ‘Good’ CQC ratings


Two Eden Futures supported living services have been awarded a 100 per cent ‘Good’ rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), following recent inspections.

The services, in Nottinghamshire and Lancashire, were found to be 100% Good in all areas of ‘Safe’, ‘Effective’, ‘Caring’, ‘Responsive’ and ‘Well led,’ with staff providing people with “choice, promotion of independence and inclusion.”

Staff from the Lancashire service were praised for their ‘approachable’ manner, with one team member commenting, “I particularly like the approach of the area manager, he is very person centred and keen to provide an excellent service to service users.”

Another said, “In terms of my work career, this is the best company I have ever worked for. They are innovative and listen to ideas from all levels of staff. We have a leadership and development programme and we can nominate people for courses. They invest in development.”
Tenants of the service told inspectors, “Staff are very kind and respectful. They always listen,” whilst inspectors found that people’s ‘privacy, dignity and independence were respected and promoted.

The Nottinghamshire service received equally positive comments and staff were praised for their “patience, consideration and kindness,” with one family member of a service user commenting, “I trust the staff. They really care about them and they’ve been very kind organising family trips and visits. It’s like a small family here.”

One member of staff added: “I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. I feel I am trusted and all the team have the same approach and respect people’s decisions.”

Eden Futures CEO, Andrew Lennox, commented: “It’s fantastic that we have once again achieved 100% ‘Good’ CQC ratings. The teams in Lancashire and Nottinghamshire have worked tirelessly to deliver high quality, person-centred support and so I’m delighted their dedication has been noticed.”

These latest CQC inspections of an Eden Futures service underlines the quality of the care provided, and the group continue to maintain 100% ‘Good’ CQC ratings across all 13 inspected services that support 167 services across the country.

Eden Futures has a 100% ‘Good’ CQC score for every Key Line of Enquiry in all of its services across England, a goal that was set only three years ago.

The Lancashire and Nottinghamshire services deliver person centred care with the aim of supporting independence and enabling individuals to move on. As such, person centred care plans are in place to track development and ensure a smooth transition.


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