Second annual Professional Care Workers’ Day to be held on the 4th of September


Let’s celebrate all that is good about people who work in care with the second annual Professional Care Workers’ Day on the 4th of September.

For too long, social care has been undervalued: despite delivering amazing care in a difficult economic climate, struggling for political attention alongside Brexit, and being treated as a support system to the NHS. It has been undervalued despite delivering against all odds, often at the personal cost to staff, and requiring the sacrifices care workers have to make to look after people well.

Delivering care is a skilled and unique profession that deserves recognition, respect, and celebration. The skills and expertise care workers deliver every day make a significant difference to the lives of people they work with and support. This is not always fully appreciated or understood until people experience this care first hand.

In short, social care is about helping people live better lives.

Care workers build relationships through which they are able to deliver person- centred and relationship-centred care. We are frequently on the frontline of care – enabling people to live the lives they wish to, whilst helping them to manage their health and social care needs.

Care workers go beyond giving the physical care that helps people; they provide companionship and psychological support. No value can be placed on the ability to make someone laugh or smile and make their day better.

The role is complex, and requires high levels of patience and empathy.

To be a care worker, you need to enjoy working with people. Reward and recognition has improved, but the profession is still not valued from a monetary perspective. People go into care because they care; want to look after people; and because making other people happy is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

On the 4th of September we will be celebrating Professional Care Workers’ Day – celebrating those who aim to deliver fantastic care each and every day.

We are going to shout out loud: that care workers are skilled professionals who need to be respected and valued more. We want the industry to come together and applaud those who are there day in and day out, in the snow, scorching sun and pouring rain; at night, at Christmas, and on Sundays.

We aspire to making care workers feel special for the awe-inspiring work that they do.

Let’s all come together to celebrate care workers!

We are going to hold the national event in London, along with a few regional events across the country. This years theme is focused on well-being; so we will have free consultations with physiotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists, beauty and massage therapists, money and career advice, along with more ways to help care workers look after themselves and feel better.

We would like to invite providers to get involved and hold their own celeb

rations. Last year we received great pictures of cards, gift bags, tea and drinks parties. People really showed their staff that their work is valued, and celebrated working as teams and providing great care.

What will you do to demonstrate the value and recognition you place on the care worker?

Get involved and celebrate this exciting new event by promoting the initiative across social media, using the hashtag #ProfessionalCareWorkersDay

To get involved, hold a regional event, support the cause, and find out more please contact me at
And to download the #ProfessionalCareWorkersDay starter pack please visit our website,

Help us make this another day to remember!


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