Further cuts to social care will mean more than 1.4m people are going without the care they need


Care providers say further predicted cuts in local authority spending on adult social care will spell more misery for some of the country’s oldest and most vulnerable.

A survey has revealed that almost a third of local authorities are set to cut spending on adult social care in the coming year.

The Independent Care Group says that is bound to mean an increase in the number of people living without the care they need – currently 1.4m.

The Independent Care Group’s Chair, Mike Padgham said: “Adult social care is already cut to the bone and further cuts can only add significantly to the 1.4m who don’t get the care they need.

“Cuts will heap yet more pressure on the NHS which will inevitably have to provide care if adult social care is cut back yet more. This will undermine recent investment in the NHS and you can’t expect the NHS to perform better if you keep cutting back on social care provision.
“At the moment investing in the NHS, without supporting adult social care, is a bit like modernising a house but leaving a hole in the roof.”
The Independent Care Group is calling on the Government to publish its long-awaited Green Paper on reforming adult social care as a matter of urgency.

“Providers are struggling, going out of business and handing back contracts and the number of people living without the care they have a right to expect continues to rise,” Mr Padgham added. “Further cutback will be another kick in the teeth for social care and we cannot wait any longer for action to address the crisis once and for all.”

The survey was carried out by the Local Government Information Unit and the Municipal Journal. It found that 29% of councils who responded planned to reduce activity in adult social care. Some 37% of councils named adult social care as their top, long-term financial pressure.


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