Brunelcare announces changes to its Board of Trustees

Deborah Evans

The charity Brunelcare announces a change to its Board of Trustees this month with the appointment of Deborah Evans as the new Chair of its Board.

Deborah has a career background in health and social care having worked as a manager and Chief Executive in the NHS for 35 years. She spent over a decade as a Primary Care Trust Chief Executive in Bristol, working closely with the Bristol City Council and with many third sector organisations. Within the last five years Deborah was the Managing Director of the West of England Academic Health Science Network, an NHS funded body whose role is to stimulate innovation in the NHS and to spread best practice in care.

Deborah first became closely involved with Brunelcare in 2013 when she helped her parents move from Lancashire to Bristol, as her mother had developed dementia and the family decided being together in Bristol would be easier. Her parents were the first couple to move into the new build extra care flats at Brunelcare’s Saffron Gardens care home and sheltered housing scheme when it opened in 2013. She was also very impressed by the end of life care her mother received when she was nursed at Saffron Gardens, and equally the continued care her father now receives living there.

It was after spending so much time with Brunelcare employees when her parents moved into Saffron Gardens that inspired Deborah to volunteer as one of Brunelcare’s Trustees; she was particularly impressed by the expertise demonstrated by the care teams. Noticing Brunelcare’s drive to develop best practice and use the latest techniques also encouraged her to become part of their work.

Since joining Brunelcare’s Board as a Trustee in 2017 Deborah says she has enjoyed visiting the charity’s various services. As the new Chair she will now focus on leading the Trustees and supporting Brunelcare in its development.

Asked how she hopes to see Brunelcare make a difference in years to come, Deborah says:

“When you look back at the charity’s origins, which were all about providing community support and help to live independently, then Brunelcare very much continues to make this its focus.

The needs of those living in our region have changed over the decades and Brunelcare has developed successfully to meet those needs, building expertise in dementia, end of life care and supporting those living at home coping with multiple health conditions. The charity is provider of choice for local authorities and continues to prove it is an attractive place to work.

It will be good to see Brunelcare continue to seek positive and engaging partnerships with other like-minded organisations, pushing more boundaries and sharing best practice in the sectors in which we operate.”

Kevin Fairman, Brunelcare’s CEO says:

“We are delighted to welcome Deborah as our new Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Deborah has the ideal combination of leadership in senior roles within the health and social care sector, plus a strong personal connection with Brunelcare’s Mission through the support we have provided to her parents.

Her 18 months on our Board as a Trustee, means that she already has a good understanding of the charity’s operations and I am confident she will help us strive to build on our success to date.”



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