Style IS possible with disabled living/ assistive technology


Style is accessible with Closomat’s Palma Vita smart shower toilet.


The WC is smart not only in its functionality, but in its design. Contemporary, soft curving lines have reinforced the brand-leader position at the forefront for floor-mounted wash & dry toilets.


The sleek lines provide the aesthetics whilst the core design ensures the user is properly sat and supported whilst using the fixture. The styling of the toilet’s body is complimented by moulded flush levers to further enhance the stylish yet ergonomic appearance.


The exterior conceals state-of-the-art functionality: Closomat’s Palma Vita features refined internal engineering to provide the most effective washing and drying available in shower toilets. Thus the user is assured of feeling- and being- ‘out of the shower clean’ after going to the toilet


Uniquely, the Palma Vita is the only toilet of its kind that can be accessorised initially and retrospectively, to ensure it can deliver a lifetime of service, however limited the user becomes. It is also the only one manufactured in Britain, and with complete UK-based support- sales, technical, and subsequent service and maintenance.


“When we first introduced the Palma Vita a decade ago, it was the first shower toilet on the market in the UK specifically developed for people with disabilities,” explains Mark Sadler, Clos-o-Mat sales director. “The latest evolution continues our mission to give people the tools and technology to be as independent as possible, giving due consideration to the very specific stresses and issues that people who are limited in their mobility face when undertaking something so intensely private and sensitive as going to the loo.”


The refined styling is showcased on Closomat’s website, along with ‘fly through’ how it works video, case studies, and all the technical support information needed.


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