Regard retain ‘Gold’ status as staff ‘love coming to work’


Staff at the UK’s third largest private care-provider who told inspectors from Investors in People how much they ‘love coming to work’ are the reason why their company has retained the gold status first awarded to them in 2015, according to Regard CEO Carole Edmond. 


“This is a great result for us since only 46% of firms with the Investors in People gold award succeed in retaining it when reassessed after the statutory three-year period,” said Ms Edmond. 


“We are delighted, though not surprised, to learn that almost all interviewees talked about high levels of job satisfaction and how interesting, challenging and inspiring they find their work.  


“It was also great to read how our staff feel encouraged to take initiative, with support workers in particular – and they comprise the vast majority – seeing themselves as empowered to do their work to the best of their ability, including making decisions.”  


Investors in People inspectors assess the way an organisation invests in its people in relation to the effectiveness of leadership and management at all levels, support and acknowledgment for good work, and the creation of platforms for improvement across the business which includes responsibility for learning and development.  


The inspector’s findings are based on interviews with staff from across the whole organisation – randomly selected by the inspector, not put forward by the organisation – and they are encouraged to talk openly about how their company meets the Investors in People standard. 


Interviews at the Regard Group revealed that over 90% of employees share Regard’s values and said they are proud not to have to compromise their values to suit their work, with many citing this as one of the reasons they enjoy their work. 


This latest assessment reports that Regard’s management values differing views, that ideas for continuous improvement are not only welcome but expected, and that challenging and questioning are seen as essential to secure the best outcomes for the individuals supported by Regard. 


In a sector where ‘whistle-blowing’ is frequently a contentious issue, the inspector reported that Regard is committed to an open culture where people at all levels can challenge and do not feel afraid to do so.  


The inspector also noted staff’s “deep-seated commitment” to the people they support, and their expressed conviction that Regard delivers truly person-centred support, re-enforced at every step. 


Several interviewees volunteered that Regard would be their own choice of service provider if they were in the situation where a relative required this type of support. 


As far as training is concerned, the report reflects that Regard has an explicit commitment to staff development and provides a wide range of training – audited internally and cross-checked by CQC – which helps staff develop in and outside their role, and recognises the group’s in-house e-learning platform as “a rich source of technical and some personal development.”  


Regard has a dedicated staff of over 2,600 people on 167 sites across the UK, caring for more than 1,300 people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and acquired brain injuries through specialist residential services, supported living services, outreach support and day resource centres (OWL), all focussed on positive outcomes. 


‘Investors in People’ is a business improvement tool administered by UK Commission for Employment and Skills and supported by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. 


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