Best Practice Shared At CMG’s Managers Conference


CMG, a leading provider of specialist residential care for people with learning disabilities and other associated complex needs, has hosted its annual Managers Conference – a unique opportunity to share best practice amongst leaders within the network.


The conference, attended by 140 managers across CMG, gave delegates the opportunity to share best practice, exchange experiences, network, brainstorm and review policies, as well as boosting team morale.


The commitment and high calibre of managers and leaders across the services has recently been reflected in CMG’s shortlisting for best Specialist Care provider at the Laing Buisson awards, and in its achievement of reaching a record 10 Outstanding ratings from the CQC.


The day was kick started with last year’s ‘Manager of the Year’ award winner, Kennedy Phale, opening the proceedings. He discussed what is important to him in terms of his service and staff, with the managers learning about the challenges that can be faced and the best ways to tackle them.


Kennedy was followed by the first keynote speaker, Professor Damian Hughes, the Founder of Liquid Thinker, a change management consultant and author of seven best-sellers. Damian spoke about how he uses his experience and background in sport, along with change psychology, to find the best ways to create a winning mindset, including simplicity, tripwires, emotions, practical ideas and telling stories. His thought-provoking words provided much inspiration for attendees, with all managers in the room able to take something from the speech.


The second speaker was mental health lead Polly Falconer. Polly told a moving story of the wellbeing struggles she has faced and how she overcame them. She provided a working definition of stress whilst talking about the differences between stress and pressure – and how managers can learn to cope under these circumstances.


As part of CMG’s commitment to ensuring that the services operate at the highest standard, and that the individuals they support are given every opportunity to lead the most fulfilling lives possible, the calendar is filled with conferences and events aimed at sharing best practice and driving up quality.


Peter Kinsey, Chief Executive Officer at CMG, said:


“Our managers are critical to the success of their teams and all of our services, and are the people that drive CMG. We are committed to creating a winning environment where talent is nurtured and developed, and we are lucky to have so many excellent members of staff who give their all every day.


“When we communicate a shared vision, we can tackle challenges and embrace the opportunities together. We are delighted that this year’s conference was such a success and look forward to next year’s event”.


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