Local charity Age Concern nails grant for foot care services

Eileen Rush (Foot Health Professional), Nathan Brown (Community Liaison Manager) and Lyn Roots (Registered & Business Development Manager at Age Concern.

A local charity that provides chiropody services to older people with foot problems has been awarded additional funding to expand its community support scheme, thanks to a grant from home care provider Bluebird Care Maidstone. 


Age Concern provides a range of services to support older people across Maidstone and Malling, including foot care services delivered by trained chiropody specialists. The charity has more than 75 customers who receive foot care services in the comfort of their own homes. 


Lyn Roots, Manager at Age Concern, said: “Many older people who suffer from foot problems are forced to choose between paying high costs of around £30 for private chiropody services, or going without and suffering from increasing pain and discomfort, which can decrease their mobility over time.  


“Community foot care services are extremely underfunded at present, which results in older people who need support becoming housebound and isolated. Our nail cutting service is invaluable as some elderly clients can no longer reach their feet due to a range of conditions, from sight impairment to arthritis and Parkinson’s.  


“We are extremely grateful to Bluebird Care for this generous grant, which will enable Age Concern to purchase new foot care equipment and expand our service provision to a larger number of clients.” 


Bluebird Care Maidstone operates a Community Grant Scheme that has been running for the past two years. The scheme supports local causes through the provision of a £500 grant to a different group three times a year. 


Nathan Brown, Community Liaison Manager at Bluebird Care Maidstone, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Age Concern with this community grant. As a home care company, we are all too aware of the importance that access to affordable chiropody can play in helping older people to maintain their mobility and live a full, active life.” 


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