Community Integrated Care explores The Future Of Work


Community Integrated Care has teamed up with Britain’s leading arts and technology institution, FACT (Foundation for Arts and Creative Technologies), to explore the future of work.

FACT has commissioned eight international artists to collaborate with businesses across several sectors, using artistic insight to investigate how employment may change in the decades ahead. With estimates suggesting that 50% of all current jobs in Liverpool will no longer exist within the next 20 years, this project has the potential to create vital insight.


Community Integrated Care has been selected to host residencies focused on the health and social care sector. This programme has kicked off this week with the artist Hwa Young Jung visiting a number of the charity’s specialist services in the Liverpool City Region. Hwa Young will be using Live Action Role-Play to creatively examine how the sector might develop in the years ahead.

This project will be exhibited at the Liverpool based gallery. The insight generated in Community Integrated Care’s residencies also have the potential to support the development of new products or innovations to enhance our sector, as part of the Liverpool City Region Activate programme.


We caught up with the Hwa Young to find out about her vision for the project…


Hwa, what are you looking to achieve with your residencies at Community Integrated Care?

I chose to do my residency within the social care sector because I believe that it is overlooked as an industry. In fact, research shows that it is the sector most future-proofed against automation, which is really interesting to me. I want to understand why people go into social care and I’m especially interested in exploring how young people will enter the sector.


You’ve visited four of our services today. What has your experience been like and what have you learned?

Social care is huge! I hadn’t realised that before today.

What Community Integrated Care do is very broad, but I have seen that all of their services are very embedded into their local communities. The whole day has been very surprising, but also very encouraging too.


Why have you wanted to work with Community Integrated Care?

You are already at the heart of your communities, so you have a vast network of people that I can work with. Community Integrated Care can give me access to the types of settings that few other organisations can, so that’s exciting.


You’re looking to explore people’s experiences of working in care, and being supported by the social care sector, by using Live Action Role-Play (LARP). How do you see that unfolding?

Yes, the end result of this residency will be a LARP, looking at a hypothetical future for the social care sector. I don’t know yet how far into the future we’ll be looking or what types of technologies will exist in this future. I’m not sure if it will be a utopia or a dystopia; it will all be informed by what I learn from the residencies. Hopefully, this will be a nice way to explore a big topic, share ideas and create conversation.

I think there’s a big element of improv in the social care sector anyway (with carers often being spontaneous and creative), so I think that this will work well!


Interested in partnering with Community Integrated Care?

Community Integrated Care is committed to supporting projects that enhances our charity, our sector, and the lives of the people we support and our colleagues. If you, or your organisation, is interested in exploring academic, creative or commercial collaborations with our charity, please email


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