Heads up on style in bathroom adaptations from Closomat


How easily can your clients manage going to the toilet on their own?


Being able to do that simple thing is crucial if the client is developing limitations. It is one of the 10 qualifying activities for social care. The bathroom is the top room for adaptation. Latest research also shows minor home intervention adaptations are proven to reduce the need for physical and mental health intervention and/or hospital treatment. There is also evidence that people put off adaptations because they do not want to ‘medicalise’ their home(1).


Closomat is developing solutions to help Occupational Therapists and health professionals deliver timely adaptations, in style.


The biggest selling shower toilet in the UK, Closomat’s Palma Vita, has been redesigned to be more contemporary in its overall styling, and to have more ergonomic controls. Its new, softer contours are more appealing to potential users. Yet it can still be easily accessorised- unlike any other shower toilet- to enable accommodation of individual user needs, initially and as they change with time.


Additional bathroom fixtures from Closomat are also reflecting the need for products to look less institutional. The company’s range of  washbasins, fixed and height adjustable shower seats, and fixed height or height adjustable shower toilets are all  evolving to reflect the changing marketplace.


“Why can’t people choose style, even if they aren’t as able as they used to be?” says Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. “Already, almost a quarter of our population is disabled, elderly. With our ability to live longer, that number is only going to increase, but we don’t lose our sense of taste, design because we develop a limitation.”


Details of Closomat’s contemporary fixtures can be found on its new website www.clos-o-mat.com, which includes aspirational room sets to help potential users appreciate their daily living Aid’s integration into their home, and a raft of ‘how it works’ videos so they can easily understand its benefits to their daily life and independence.


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