Children bring joy to residents at Scarborough nursing home


A Scarborough nursing home is bringing joy into the lives of its residents by welcoming young children through its doors.

Saint Cecilia’s Nursing Home regularly has visits from youngsters from Wheatcroft School and a local childminder’s group.

And the home’s owner says both generations gain a great deal from the visits.

Wheatcroft School has been bringing groups of children to the Filey Road nursing home for a few months now. When they visit, the children do things like arts and crafts and book reading with the residents or they sing them songs.

Childminders Colleen Doolin and Tracey Pickford have also been regular visitors to the home, along with the children they look after. The little ones play and sing songs, to the delight of the home’s residents.

The home’s Managing Director Mike Padgham said: “The residents love the company of children and are always delighted when we have visits from Wheatcroft School or from the childminders – they really look forward to it.

“I think everyone benefits. Clearly the residents enjoy having the children visit and get a great deal of joy from it. At the same time, I think it is good for the children to come in and spend time with older people, getting used to their company and, to a certain extent, learning a little about care and nursing homes and what happens in them.”

Wheatcroft’s Head Jenny Hartley said: “As a Community Primary School, I am delighted that our pupils can reach all of the people within our local area. It is enabling our children to develop empathy, care and friendship across the different generations.”

And the children love it too. One of them, Milly, said: “I like spending time with the residents. They are less mobile and we cheer them up. It is helping my confidence meeting new people.”  Another, Lena, added: “I enjoyed it because the residents are enthusiastic and it has made me think about helping people.”


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