Husband and wife care workers retire after two decades at Newcastle-upon-Tyne home


HUSBAND and wife care home workers Kevin and Pauline Healy are set to retire after a combined 42 years.


The couple have spent the last two decades at Willowdene Care Home, in Hebburn, near Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


Kevin started at the home when it opened in 1996, working weekends doing laundry. Pauline started two years later, joining the domestic team for weekend work.


They both held full-time jobs elsewhere, Kevin in production at furniture retailer MFI and Pauline on a factory production line, but chose to take up positions at Willowdene out of a passion to care for the elderly.


After 10 years at the home, Pauline left her other job and started doing 16 hours a week, while caring for her elderly mother.


Kevin was at the home for 18 years before deciding, four years ago, to become a carer.


Kevin said: “I wanted a challenge and had also built up rapport with the residents.”


Pauline added: “We both have long and happy memories of our years at Willowdene and will sadly miss the friendships we have made with both the residents and staff.


“There have been some challenges, of course, but we would not have changed it for the world.”


Carol Chapman, home manager at Willowdene Care Home, on Victoria Road West, said: “I will sadly miss both of them. They will leave some big shoes to fill.


“Everyone here at the home wishes them well in their retirement – even though Kevin continues to work as bank staff when needed.”


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