Christchurch Group delivers specialised training as part of Stroke Awareness Month


Staff at Orchard House, an Oxfordshire based neurological rehabilitation centre, have undergone stroke sensory training as part of National Stroke Awareness Month.


After a stroke, a sensory impairment can occur, affecting the way your brain interprets your senses, causing numbness or the inability to feel heat or cold. 


Although these symptoms range across the board, they can all be addressed by sensory re-education exercises, which simply reteach your brain how to interpret your senses.

‘Make May Purple’ is the Stroke Association’s annual awareness month, which takes place each May and invites friends, families and communities to show their support for people who have been affected by stroke.

Orchard House, part of Christchurch Group, a leading specialist neuro rehabilitation provider, have teams who are trained in stroke rehabilitation and can help at any stage of the rehabilitation process.

Stroke affects people in many ways and often the whole team is required – from physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology, nursing to doctors. 

A stroke consultant for Christchurch Group, Liz Iveson, said: “Strokes were traditionally considered a disease of the retired and while most strokes do still occur over the age of 65, poor lifestyle choices are increasingly putting younger generations at risk.

“The situation is made worse by the challenges faced in spotting symptoms; a stroke can go undetected and can hide behind the mask of other problems such migraine, vertigo or drugs and alcohol.

“A more challenging task is snuffing out the stroke risk factors seemingly on the rise in younger people. Obesity, stress, high blood pressure and drug use have all been identified as key contributing factors. Ultimately, the longer you have these risk factors or make these lifestyle choices, the more likely you are to have a stroke.”

Christchurch Group was established in 1998 to provide high quality brain injury rehabilitation within a community setting. The organisation has since grown into a leading provider of specialist neurological rehabilitation that offers a range of specialist services across eight centres in York, Lincoln, Birmingham, Northampton, Bedford and Harwell in Oxfordshire.




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