HC-One announces re-launch of pioneering Nursing Assistant Programme


In the context of a national shortage of nurses across the country, as well as the dramatic rise in the use of agency staff in the health and social care sectors, HC-One, a leading care home provider in the UK are offering an alternative solution to a problem faced by care providers and the NHS nationwide.


HC-One ‘The Kind Care Company’ is proud to announce the re-launch of its pioneering Nursing Assistant Programme, as the company delivers on its commitment to finding new and innovative ways to provide the kindest care to Residents, as well as supporting colleagues and encouraging them towards career progression and personal development.


Building on the success of HC-One’s previous training programmes, the Nursing Assistant Programme will offer colleagues across the HC-One’s family a unique and attractive career progression pathway and an opportunity to develop their skills. The 12-week programme will support colleagues to develop the key attributes needed to deliver the kindest care through a mixture of face to face and online courses.


The Nursing Assistant role will go beyond that of a Senior Carer, creating a bridge between care staff and registered nurses in the care home environment. Nursing Assistants will learn advanced care skills, such as catheter and wound care; leadership abilities including risk assessment; and how to support Residents with nutritional and hydration needs.


The programme will pair Nursing Assistants with personal Nurse Mentors, who will support their colleagues by establishing positive working relationships, providing invaluable advice, and identifying learning opportunities.


After graduating the programme, the newly qualified Nursing Assistants will support the work of existing HC-One Nurses, ensuring that they can focus on providing the kindest and very best care to Residents.


Through the Nursing Assistant Programme, HC-One hopes to achieve its mission of increasing staff retention and decreasing spend on agency nursing. HC-One’s existing programmes for colleagues currently enjoy a 91% retention rate, and the company has a strong track record in developing colleagues internally and providing career progression pathways.


HC-One aims to be the employer of choice for the best, most professional, and kindest care staff, and is proud to provide sector-leading learning and development programmes for colleagues. The company was delighted to receive Skills for Care ‘Centre for Excellence’ Status for their People Development Programmes, one of only six others in the country.


HC-One Chief Operating Officer Paula Keys, said:


“We are excited to be re-launching our innovative Nursing Assistant Programme to provide a clear and structured career development pathway for colleagues. The recruitment challenges faced by providers across the social care sector, as well as the NHS, have been well-documented, and we at HC-One are proud to be leading the way in developing initiatives to proactively address these challenges.


“At HC-One we strive to provide colleagues with the very best career development opportunities that the sector has to offer, and this programme will strengthen our reputation as the employer of choice in the communities we serve across the UK.”


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