Pensby children create history at care home


Imaginative youngsters have placed memory sticks filled with art representing both life today and the future in a time capsule at a beautiful new care home in Pensby.


Wearing high visibility vests, a group of 11-year-old pupils from Pensby Primary School visited the site of Ridgewood Court Residential Care Home in Ridgewood Drive, which will be run by Sanctuary Care.


Joined by teaching assistant Win Brett, Michael Joynes, Amy Chambers and Luke Leyland enjoyed a sneak preview of the home, which is set to welcome its first residents later this month.


During the visit they placed memory sticks created by their entire school, filled with masterpieces depicting what they imagine life to be like in 60 years’ time and to tell people about life in 2017/2018 into a time capsule to bury in the home’s landscaped gardens.


Talking about the future, Michael said: “I don’t think there will be phones, but I think there will be special glasses which show you people in different places and you will be able to talk to them through those glasses.”


Meanwhile Amy and Luke gave food for thought. Luke added: “I think there will be steak flavoured chocolate” while Amy said there would be “holographic chocolate that you won’t be able to taste.”


As well as the memory sticks, the trio brought along a box of their favourite chocolate wrappers to show people of the future the treats they like to eat, a catalogue of toys to highlight the things children like to play with, as well as a t-shirt featuring pictures of all of their teachers.


Head teacher Kate Brown added: The children and community have watched the new care home being built for many months. It’s been very special to be involved in this by putting together a time capsule.

“Each class has given this a great deal of thought! The children wonder who will be around when it is dug up and what will they think about the contents! Thank you to Sanctuary Care for including us in the project. We look forward to visiting again with our school choir to sing for the residents!”

Also at the visit was Simon Doherty, Ridgewood Court’s home manager. He commented: “We are all very excited as we are about to open our beautiful new home, so to have welcomed the children along at this stage is wonderful.


“Intergenerational projects are beneficial for both the older and younger generations, so we are really looking forward to inviting the children back to Ridgewood Court to meet our residents and create some new memories with them.”


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