Long standing Truro carer rewarded for taking part in Employee Engagement Survey


A long standing employee of Barchester Healthcare has been rewarded with a brand new car for her participation in the company’s 2017 Employee Engagement Survey. Betty Verran, a carer in Kenwyn Care Home in Truro, Cornwall, was presented with the keys to a Fiat 500 in Bossa Nova White from Chief Executive Pete Calveley and Adrian Pancott, Chief Operating Officer.

Betty, originally from Truro, has been an employee of Barchester for the past 24 years, working evenings at Kenwyn since the official opening in 1993. Aged 70, Betty now works part time in the home alongside her daughter-in-law.

Barchester’s Employee Engagement Survey took place in November last year, and was sent out to over 15,000 employees across all levels of the company to gather insight into what is important to their staff and to measure and improve engagement.

Everyone who completed the Barchester survey and supplied their name was entered into the draw with a chance to win the coveted car. Alongside the grand prize, 50 additional employees were also awarded a £200 gift card each.

The 2017 Employee Engagement Survey, now in its third year running, had the highest number of responses to date, providing great insight into the experience of working for the company at all levels. Barchester plans to use the results from the survey to improve all areas of the business and enhance employee satisfaction overall, which will further improve the quality of care that we give to our residents and patients.

A year-on-year comparison of the survey results from 2015, 2016 and 2017 shows an increase in positive responses to all of the questions. The biggest shifts have been seen in the company’s approach to internal communication and employee rewards.

Betty, the winner of the car said, “I was very surprised to see that I had won the car I didn’t believe it at first! It’s a real joy working for a company like Barchester, I’ve made fantastic friends with the staff and with the residents within the home. I hope to continue working at Kenwyn as long as I can.”

Pete Calveley, the Chief Executive of Barchester Healthcare thanked all participants of the survey; “I am delighted that we received the highest amount of survey responses to date. We truly value the support and the information provided. We are committed to acting on the feedback from our staff and this year’s results speak for themselves.

I’d like to congratulate the 50 winners of the gift cards, and an even bigger congratulations to Betty Verran, who won the new car. Betty has worked at Barchester for over 24 years and I am so pleased to be able to award the car to Betty after her many years of service.”

Genevieve Glover, HR Director at Barchester Healthcare, said “We are delighted to be awarding one of our longest-standing employees with a brand new car. Over the past 25 years, Barchester Healthcare has grown to become one of the UK’s largest providers of high-quality care – and it’s all thanks to our people. We are proud of our culture at Barchester Healthcare. It is something we’ve built by sticking to our principles and listening to our employees. The feedback helps direct how we can improve our quality of care to our residents and patients, and we will continue to invest strongly in our employees through our various training, reward and benefit schemes. We want to say a big thank you to all who participated, and look forward to awarding more prizes next year.”



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