Grandfather turns Godfather


A 96-year-old retired plumber in Glasgow is set to publish his second novel – just over a month since his first became a national media sensation.

William Glen’s latest novel follows the lives four retirement home residents who, after becoming involved with a dangerous local gangster, end up committing two murders.

Those intrigued by his first gripping plot line that centred on a fight between South American drug barons, certainly won’t be disappointed with his new book.

Mr Glen, a tenant at Bield’s Carntyne Gardens, explains: “It all takes place after one of the residents wins the lottery – they’re approached by a mafia man who demands they pay him £1million for protection.

“They don’t want to give up their fortune but they can’t see a way out. So, they electrocute him – they didn’t want to make a mess in their new mansion, you see.”

But after thinking the coast is clear, the four residents quickly find themselves in deep water, as they learn the gangster had a body guard.

Having never been involved in such grave situations before, the characters use what they’ve seen in films as a murder ‘how-to’ guide.

Mr Glen said: “Most stories focus on the run up to the murder, and the mysteries around whodunit, but I’m more interested in how and when characters decide to kill someone and how they cover it up.”

Once the book is finished, Mr Glen plans to send the aptly named ‘An Age for Murder’ to publishers up and down the country.

Before putting pen to paper for his second action-packed fiction tale, Mr Glen completed a more serious autobiographical work about events that took place while he was wounded in Normandy during the war.

He continued: “Sales of my first book have been coming along quite the thing since all the media attention. I’ve been handing out copies left, right and centre and have had great feedback from friends and family and even some good reviews on Amazon.

“People always want to know the secrets of what inspires my writing, but the truth is I’m just mad.”

Carol Harvey, Deputy Manager at Bield’s Carntyne Gardens, said: “Mr Glen’s practically a celebrity here. Everyone’s been so inspired by his passion for writing.

“Especially considering writing isn’t something he’s always done – it’s a talent that he discovered in retirement.

“We have a large glass cabinet in the front foyer of Carntyne Gardens with Mr Glen’s work and copies of the media coverage – visitors are always intrigued and now shake his hand on arrival.

“His whole attitude to trying something new, and with such great confidence, really embodies Bield’s Free to Be ethos.

“Mr Glen proves that age should be no obstacle when it comes to taking up a new hobby. His free spirit is encouraging us all at Carntyne Gardens to seize the day and not be afraid to try something new.”


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