Bluebird Care Maidstone launches companionship service to reduce loneliness


One of Kent’s leading home care providers, Bluebird Care Maidstone, has launched a new service to provide companionship and support to its customers when they are in hospital, in order to reduce feelings of isolation, loneliness and anxiety. 


The new service, which will be delivered to customers free of charge, will see Bluebird’s Care Assistants visit customers when they are in hospital. The visits will be delivered during the time allocated for their scheduled visit when requested by a customer. 


Nathan Brown, Community Liaison Manager at Bluebird Care Maidstone, said: “We know that support from family, friends and carers is an integral part of our customers’ recovery. Our carers have great relationships with the people they care for, and when customers fall ill our Care Assistants want to visit them in hospital to make sure they are receiving the care and attention they need. 


“Hospitals can be daunting and lonely places, particularly for vulnerable people or people with dementia. Bluebird Care Maidstone’s initiative was launched out of a desire to go that extra mile for our customers, because we know it makes such a difference to their emotional wellbeing.  


“It was actually suggested after one of our carers took a customer to a hospital appointment and one of the other patients in the ward said how lovely it was for a carer to be so committed and supportive. It was a really heartfelt comment that spurred us on to do something that will make a difference for all our customers.”  


Visits from loved one’s, friends and carers can help people to recover faster, as they lift the patient’s spirits, and reduce anxiety and stress levels. Allowing carers to visit patients in hospital has been shown to be particularly helpful for people with dementia, as a familiar face can make them feel more settled and less worried. 


In addition, Care Assistants are closely involved in administering care and medication once a patient is discharged. By visiting the hospital, Bluebird Care Maidstone’s Care Assistants can get crucial care instructions from healthcare professionals first-hand, ensuring the best outcomes when a customer returns home.

Nathan concluded: “As a premium care provider, we are always looking for ways to go above and beyond in the support that we deliver to our customers and we are very pleased to launch this new service, which will be particularly valuable to those customers whose family are not able to visit them as much as they would like.” 


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