Thirsk care home promotes experienced deputy to new manager


Sowerby House has promoted its deputy manager to lead the team of staff and volunteers at the Thirsk-based care home.

Katie Hodgson, who joined the staff of Sowerby House in 2016, has more than 16 years’ experience in the field. She started her care career with Sowerby House, where she worked with the Thirsk home, and returned as deputy manager more than a decade later.

During her career, Katie has had a number of deputy and acting manager positions, giving her a great deal of experience in managing the day-to-day running of a care home. She also worked closely with Sowerby House’s previous manager to implement positive changes during the last 12 months.

Katie had originally interviewed for a manager’s position at a different home, but when the previous manager left the company, Katie was offered the role at Sowerby House.

Katie Hodgson said: “I love working with the team and residents at Sowerby House, and I jumped at the opportunity to take over as manager when the previous manager left the company. He and I had worked closely together for a year to bring some exciting changes, and I’m delighted to be able to carry those on in the future.

“I joined the team at a point where we had a great opportunity to make some positive changes at the home, and it was an incredible achievement to see those taking shape. I’m confident we will carry on building on this for many years to come.

“My main priority is to keep consistency for all of the staff, volunteers and residents, so that even though there is a change in management, they still feel comfortable and secure with how the home is being run. My experience working with the previous manager puts me in an excellent position to achieve this.”

Alison Boote, Operations Director for Healthcare Management Solutions, said: “Katie was an ideal candidate to step up as manager at Sowerby House. Everybody at the home knows her and respects her, and she understands how it is run and what its long-term plan is. We had no hesitation in offering her the position, and are excited to see what she will achieve at the home.”

Sowerby House Care Home, which is based on Front Street, is part of Larchwood Care and provides residential care for up to 51 elderly residents.


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