The Secret Ingredient to Simplify Learning Compliance



Still using spreadsheets? Meet Qintil Learning Manager – The Secret Ingredient to Simplify Learning Compliance

If you still use spreadsheets to manage learning and training compliance, you’re not alone. But how effective is it?  And is there a better solution?


With spreadsheets, you manually track training, certification, expiration dates, add/remove agency staff and then all of this information has to be segmented into various locations, departments and teams.


It means that your spreadsheet is never truly up to date. When it comes to inspection time or requests from Head Office, trying to gather the data and piece together into an understandable format is going to be either impossible or a very time consuming process.


That’s why Sam Easen built Qintil. He ran a nursing agency with over 1,000 nurses and care workers working for him across the UK and Australia. They weren’t earning unless they were out working, and getting them in to do regular CPD was difficult.  Many of the staff also worked elsewhere so they had to do some training more than once.


So he built Qintil Learning Manager, an online tool which helps you to Find, Deliver, Record and Manage training for your nursing and care staff. As a cloud-based system it ensures staff can be anywhere in the world, it can be any time of day (1am is a very popular time for training according to our data) and still be able to complete training.


Qintil Learning Manager has been created to be an incredibly easy and user-friendly for any level of computer literacy intending to connect everyone’s learning achievements and records into a single, sharable profile.


You can assign online courses from a catalogue of over 2,000 titles, or add your own online courses, face to face training or videos.


The system was built with scalability in mind – from 5 learners to 5000, it can handle any number of staff members. Once learners log in, the admin can then set course paths based on ‘mandatory’, ‘voluntary’ and ‘recommend’ to set a clear path.


What’s the secret ingredient to compliance management? Qintil’s dashboard. More specifically the Compliance Matrix that provides real-time compliance status. You can filter down to individual, location and team which ultimately ensures you understand who is doing well and who may be having some potential issues – all ahead of time.


Say no to spreadsheets and check out Qintil Learning Manager. With a 30-Day Free Trial and Custom demo’s you can give the system a test of all the features and have your questions answered.




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