Specialist care provider Tracscare ‘accomplish’ a full rebrand


Tracscare, the specialist provider of support for individuals with Autism, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health needs and Brain Injuries, has announced that it has changed its name to accomplish.’.


The name change is part of a wider rebrand which includes a Brand Promise, Values and Behaviours – all of which are designed to set the goals for accomplish to achieve its Mission to be known as the first choice specialist provider for people with Autism, Brain Injuries, Mental Health needs and Learning Disabilities.


The rebrand was a collaborative process carried out in conjunction with the people the organisation supports, staff and commissioners.  People supported by accomplish played a key role in choosing the new name, and in helping to shape the organisation’s core values and behaviours. 


During the rebrand process people supported by accomplish took part in several workshops, along with staff and people who commission services.  In these workshops they discussed what was most important to them in their daily lives, in terms of their hopes and dreams and in terms of the support they receive.  They also discussed how this should be reflected by the organisation.


From these workshops, the organisation’s new name, Mission, Values and Behaviours were created.  The new brand identity reflects the core values identified by those involved in the workshops and the promise that through its work, accomplish will set the standard to bring out the amazing in people – from the people supported at services, through to families and staff alike.


This promise is encapsulated by the new logo, which includes the strapline ‘make every day amazing’ – a statement which underlines the bravery and determination of both the people supported by accomplish, and the staff supporting them, to overcome barriers and live life to the fullest. 


The name accomplish demonstrates the absolute commitment of staff to delivering quality outcomes for the people they support. This commitment to quality is represented visually through the full stop at the end of the logo. 


The ‘i’ in the new logo represents every person supported by accomplish – with the blue star above highlighting the fact that each of these people are the stars of their own show and the absolute focus of staff.  Importantly, the voices of people supported by accomplish form part of the new logo, with the star itself being created using visualisation software from recordings of people saying the word ‘accomplish’.


First and foremost amongst the five identified values is ‘Quality’.  This provides the bedrock upon which all the other values and behaviours are based.  From this basis come the four other core values, which are; to Celebrate Uniqueness, have Fun, be Brave, and Move Mountains.  For each of the five Values, Behaviours have been identified, enabling people to live these values.


Peter Battle, CEO of accomplish. said:


“We are really excited to reveal our new name and brand identity. I believe that the name accomplish perfectly captures the goals and values of our organisation. We constantly strive to help the people we support accomplish amazing things in their daily lives, and we are committed to the very highest quality of service and support.


“The fact that the voices of the people we support form a physical part of our logo is very important to us. The people we support are at the heart of everything we do and it is fitting that their voices can be found in the heart of our logo too.


“We are looking forward to continuing to grow under the name of accomplish and achieving our goal of being the first-choice specialist provider for people with Autism, Brain Injuries, Mental Health needs and Learning Disabilities.”



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