Brunelcare wins Employee Engagement Award


This month, the charity Brunelcare received an award for the results of a recent employee survey, carried out for the charity by Agenda Consulting.

The survey response rate of 58% was good and the overall employee satisfaction level of 85% was extremely positive.

Agenda Consulting explain that Brunelcare’s results have been benchmarked against other organisations in the care sector, including:  Advance,  Alzheimer’s Society, Dimensions, Four Seasons,  Milestones Trust, Second Step and St. Monica Trust.

Agenda Consulting say:

“Levels of employee engagement at Brunelcare are very high – some 85% of employees are engaged. On engagement the organisation is performing well above its external benchmark peer group. Brunelcare has also qualified for the ‘Agenda Consulting Employee Engagement Award’, which is awarded to organisations who achieve an employee engagement score of 80% or more and a survey response rate of 50% or more.”

Robert Eales, Brunelcare’s HR Director comments:

“The recent Employee Survey has highlighted the commitment of our managers and employees to achieve our goals and values and their motivation to deliver a quality service to all of our clients. We were delighted to receive the award for employee engagement which is a testament to the quality of the Brunelcare workforce.”   



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