Yeovil care home staff and residents celebrate ‘Outstanding’ CQC result

Staff and residents at Grovelands celebrating their Outstanding rating

Staff at Grovelands are celebrating following the results of their recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection. The Yeovil care home was given the highest rating of ‘Outstanding’ by the social care inspectorate who published their report on 21st December. This now puts Grovelands in the 1.4% of adult social care providers nationally that are rated ‘Outstanding’ overall and means that they are only care home for over 65s in Yeovil to achieve this.

The inspection took place on 9th November and looked at whether the service was safe and effective which were both rated as ‘Good’; with caring, responsive and well-led, being rated as ‘Outstanding’.

Whilst carrying out the inspection, CQC spoke with residents at the home, their relatives and health care professionals:

“People told us they felt safe at the home. One person told us, ‘They look after us’ and another said, ‘There is always someone here if I need them.’ One visitor said, ‘We need to know they are safe and they are. I come in most days but I know that when I can’t be with [my relative] I know they are safe and well looked after.’”

“Another person said, ‘Whatever I ask they try to do for me. They’re very good to me here. I can’t speak well enough of them. I hope I’ve proved to you how good it is here.’”

“One visiting professional told us, ‘They are very good if ever they have any concerns. Communications are good and they follow things up. They implement professional advice and they are very good at completing charts for assessments, they are our best home for that.’”

The inspection highlighted how staff at the care home go above and beyond to provide stimulating activities and encourage the residents to pursue their hobbies and interests:

“People’s backgrounds and social histories were known and respected by staff. Staff found out that one person had played the piano and so they asked their relative to arrange for the piano to be bought into the home so they could have it in their room. They also arranged for a piano teacher to give them lessons as they said they had become ‘a bit rusty’. This lead to them re-engaging with an old passion, which they thoroughly enjoyed. They also arranged for them to go to a famous musician’s concert where they met the musician and posed with them for a very happy photo. This person told us they now played their piano every morning.”

“The staff made sure people received social stimulation that reflected their interests and hobbies. During a reminiscence session some people had been talking about their memories of London; talking about the sights, attractions and recalling memories of time spent there in their youth. Two people had spent time in London when they were younger and one person said they had never been but would love to visit. In response to this staff organised for these people to visit London and included afternoon tea at the Ritz to make sure it was a very special occasion for them all. One person said, ‘Yes, we went to London, it was a wonderful day, we went to a museum. It was so nice to have some intellectual stimulation.’”

Speaking on the inspection report, Ross Isbell, Manager said: “We’re delighted to have been awarded ‘Outstanding’. Our ethos at Grovelands is ‘life is for living’; being in a care home is just alternative accommodation, the people living here still have full control over their lives and the care they receive. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Grovelands team for their commitment, passion and dedication and I look forward to working together to develop our service further in 2018.”

Grovelands is located on Grove Avenue in Yeovil. The care home provides residential care and also has a specialist dementia suite, which supports people living with dementia to live in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment. The home has strong links with the local community and plays an active role in the Yeovil Dementia Action Alliance, which was noted in the inspection report.

Grovelands is the third of Somerset Care’s services to receive an Outstanding rating.


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