Skills for Care lunch new home for adult social care workforce intelligence


Skills for Care has launched a new, dedicated ‘Workforce Intelligence’ area on its website offering invaluable insights into the state of the adult social care workforce, including reports, trends, demographics and statistics.

This new dedicated home for workforce intelligence showcases Skills for Care’s workforce intelligence products and services that support its customers and stakeholders to make use of data with key decision-making, service development at local level and wider strategic decisions within the sector.

Workforce Intelligence is the vital ingredient for the future development of adult social care so the pages have been created to bring together all the products and services for visitors to access the information they want, quickly and easily.

Skills for Care is the leading source of workforce data in England at a national, regional and local level so is in an unique position to offer visitors access to the latest reports, briefings and infographics that share its knowledge and insight in an accessible way.

Skills for Care CEO Sharon Allen said: “This dedicated site packed full of easy to use resources is a big step forward in how we help visitors make informed decisions based on high quality data and analysis.”

Key features of the new dedicated area include:

          Dedicated areas for local authorities, researchers, consultancies and think tanks, employers and health organisations, which include useful resources, links and reports so users can access everything you need in one place.

          News – brings together data, blogs, videos and latest publications into one page.

          Case studies and testimonials from organisations where our insight and expertise has given valuable insight.

          Easy access download areas for all reports and data

          Products and services are split into two distinct areas; publications and reports using data from the NMDS-SC; and analysis services to help organisations gain a deeper insight into an issue, a trend or use data to help them look to the future. 

          Information about the integrity of our data, how we collect and use it and why we can be confident we’re the leading experts.

Take a look around the new pages


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