Delivering the right care in the right place for vulnerable adults is essential-ADASS responds


Responding to the latest Delayed Transfer of Care Figures, Glen Garrod, Vice President of the Association for the Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), said:


“Delivering the right care in the right place for vulnerable adults is essential and it’s positive that the number of delayed transfers of care fell last November when compared with the previous year, and it is also encouraging to see a fall of 0.8 per cent in the proportion of delays attributable to social care compared to November 2016. This is evidence that putting extra funding into social care, as the Government has done this year, can bear fruit, delivering more efficient and effective care provision.


“This also demonstrates the efforts of our resilient and highly dedicated frontline social care staff, who are doing a stellar job. Carers have been out in all weathers and recently have worked over the Christmas and New Year period, working hard to improve the lives of older people and adults of working age with disabilities.


“It’s been encouraging to see a renewed focus on social care from the Government this week, with the Department of Health’s remit expanded to include social care. However, it’s crucial that this is much more than a change in title, and that social care is treated as the essential care it is in its own right, and not just ancillary to healthcare.


“The upcoming green paper this summer could go down in history as the moment that the Government delivered the long-term sustainable funding solution that is so desperately needed, alongside the necessary resources for NHS partners. It’s essential we provide the long-term funding and sustainable future for care that our communities need, or it could be yet another missed opportunity.


“We encourage the Government to deliver this long-term funding solution, and secure effective social care for generations to come.”


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