Care worker saves baby’s life whilst shopping

Natasha Page with manager Nicky Pett

A routine shopping trip took a rather unexpected turn for Natasha Page, a carer at Barnes Lodge Residential Care Home in Tonbridge, when she noticed a baby had stopped breathing.


“I was joining the queue in Primark in Maidstone with my daughter when a lady in front of me stopped, she told me to pass her as she was seeing to her baby, I continued to the queue and thought nothing more of it.” Says Natasha, speaking of the incident. “Whilst I was paying for my items, my 22-year-old daughter looked back and noticed the lady was having difficulty. She told me the baby had gone floppy and wasn’t breathing. I didn’t have time to think at all, I just rushed to the lady and took over, shouting for someone to call an ambulance.”


Without hesitation, Natasha sprang into action and immediately performed lifesaving resuscitation on the baby, who she believed to be around three months old, until she began breathing again, whilst onlookers called the ambulance service.


“It can’t have been any longer than a couple of minutes but it was such a relief when she started crying, I put her in the recovery position and the ambulance crew took over once they arrived.”


Natasha, who has worked at Barnes Lodge as a care worker since it opened its doors in October 2016, has previously worked with children and undertaken a baby and child first aid course yet despite her skills, she hasn’t had a need for them in 25 years, thankfully, until that day.


Following the incident, Natasha managed to contact the baby’s mother through commenting on a news article on Facebook, so she was able to thank her for her quick thinking and saving her baby’s life.




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