Bridging the gap between schools and adult social care employers- are you ready?


Are you looking to get on the radar of your local schools, colleges and University?

January is the perfect time to do this, as students start to make decisions about their careers or further education.

One way to do this is by joining I Care…Ambassadors. This initiative is facilitated by Skills for Care, and supports adult social care employers to deliver careers activities to inspire people to work in adult social care.

Warrington Social Care Employer Partnership (WCSEP) formed an I Care…Ambassador partnership of local employers, to do activities in local schools and colleges.

They asked younger workers who were already working in adult social care roles to become ambassadors, as they thought that students would relate better to them.

They’ve delivered a range of activities using presentation templates and resources from Skills for Care – when you sign up, you get exclusive access to a Resources Bank.

Hearing from young people who are actually working in the sector has a great influence on the students.

One head teacher said:

“The ambassador input has been invaluable. I teach health and social care, yet I’ve never worked in the sector. The work examples that the ambassadors have given are easy to understand and not ones I would have ever considered”

Being part of the initiative has also helped them to develop on-going relationships with the schools and colleges – and all of them have asked the ambassadors to go again.

Another teacher said:

“Your event has been a huge success, and pupils and staff are grateful for the support and enthusiasm.”

Over the last year the activities have resulted in several expressions of interest from students who would like to learn more about working in the sector through work experience.

If you’re an adult social care employer and want to inspire more people to work in adult social care and boost the profile of your business, find out more on Skills for Care’s website.


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