Introducing Rapport Housing & Care- New Name, Old Ethos

CEO Leon Steer

The Abbeyfield Society and The Abbeyfield Kent Society confirm that Abbeyfield Kent will operate under the new name Rapport Housing and Care from January 2018 and will continue to provide much-needed care and support across the region as an independent organisation.


Abbeyfield Kent are recognised as experienced providers of care and housing for older people across the region and have grown exponentially to provide a variety of care options for local older people. Today they operate 14 services accommodating over 400 residents.


With this growth, Abbeyfield Kent have increasingly taken on additional resources and are therefore in a strong position to manage their local operations and take forward their own strategic plans for growth and development in the local region.


Leon Steer, Chief executive of Abbeyfield Kent commented, “Our philosophy is that we want everyone who meets us, no matter in what context, to experience our friendly, caring, compassionate philosophy, which runs through our whole organisation. We are a leading housing and care provider in the south-east, and are flexible and responsive to the needs of people in later life. This ethos is one in which we believe sincerely and passionately, and this shows in practical terms through our responsive and high-quality services. Going forward we have exciting plans to meet the sharply increasing numbers of older people and are currently developing Extra care* schemes in Tonbridge Larkfield and Wateringbury”.


David McCullough, Chief Executive of The Abbeyfield Society, adds “We are pleased to support the success of Abbeyfield Kent and their decision to go forward independently. They have built up a strong staff team and exceptional goodwill in the local area. This move will give them greater independence to continue to develop at the pace and direction they want to, delivering excellent services that meet local need into the future.”


The Abbeyfield Society will still continue to have a presence in the local area through their both their centrally managed schemes and neighbouring schemes operated by local independent Abbeyfield Member Societies. The Abbeyfield Society remains committed to nurturing all its Member Societies of all sizes, and works alongside them in the development of future strategy and development plans through consultation, expertise and services to support local area growth. It is made up of more than 160 Member Societies which provide substantial local support and remarkable care to meet the needs of older people across the UK and Internationally.


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