Request for cross-party action on social care ignored in Budget 2017


Today’s budget has completed a nasty double-whammy for the country’s oldest and most vulnerable, a social care group says.

Philip Hammond’s budget speech contained no mention of social care, despite figures showing that the number of older and vulnerable adults going without the care they need has shot up to 1.2m.

This follows hot on the heels of the Government’s announcement that the Green Paper looking at the funding of social care will not now be published until next summer.

The Independent Care Group says today’s lack of action completes a nasty double-whammy for older and vulnerable adults.

Chair Mike Padgham said: “Today’s budget once again contained absolutely nothing to tackle the ever-growing crisis in social care, despite the fact that the sector is crumbling.

“Following on as it does from the delay of the Green Paper to next summer, it is a real double-whammy, a kick in the teeth, for older and vulnerable people.

“The extra funding for the NHS is obviously welcome but NHS care needs good social care support, otherwise it will suffer too. Why does social care remain invisible to the Government?

“We have 1.2m people going without the care they need to give them a proper quality of life with dignity, compassion and independence. That is a scandal and I call on the Prime Minister and the Chancellor to visit social care on the front line and see for themselves the pressure it is under.”

Before the Budget, 90 MPs, including senior Tories and former cabinet ministers, wrote to the Prime Minister demanding cross-party action to tackle the social care crisis.

“The warning that social care is in crisis continues to fall on deaf ears,” Mr Padgham added.



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