Caerphilly-based carers become Dementia Friends


Caerphilly-based carers are celebrating their 50th member of staff becoming a Dementia Friend.

Caerphilly-based carers are celebrating their 50th member of staff becoming a Dementia Friend. - care industry news
Debbie Lewis, Sydnee Pearce & Lauren Mathews.

Sydnee Pearce, who joined Radis Community Care last month, is the branch’s latest recruit to become a Dementia Friend.

local home care company supported the national campaign, organised by Alzheimer’s Society, by providing free training to its community of carers.


Dementia Friends is a national movement to spread awareness of dementia, inspiring people in their communities to get involved in helping those in need. The programme aims to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about the condition.


Completing the workshop ensures team members are recognised as Dementia Friends, with a badge to wear on their uniforms to indicate their increased level of dementia awareness to customers.


Danielle Jones, Area Manager for Radis, commented: “This is a fantastic achievement to have 50 team members confirmed as a Dementia Friend.


“The team thoroughly enjoyed learning about what it is like to live with dementia. We learnt that there are many activities and support interventions that can enable people living with dementia to enjoy as much independence as they can.  


Staff members pledged to raise funds through various fundraising activities, while another signed up to complete a memory walk.


“We are hoping to open up the sessions to our service user’s families in the near future.”


A staff member at Radis delivered the workshop as she is registered as a ‘Dementia Friend Champions’ meaning she has completed the next stage to run a Dementia Friends Information Session.


The Caerphilly branch offers people independent living in their own surroundings, with home care being provided by Radis Community Care. They are an experienced care provider with branches across England and Wales and work with residents to deliver their own care plans which suits their individual needs.


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