Bury St Edmunds care provider delighted with Outstanding CQC inspection


The Care Quality Commission has found the quality of care provided by St Peter’s House in Bury St Edmunds to be Outstanding following an inspection in September.   

St Peter’s House provides accommodation, nursing and personal care for up to 66 older people. There were 53 people living in the home on the day of CQC’s inspection.

Inspectors found staff were caring and compassionate and people were being provided with safe, responsive, caring, effective and well-led care. A full inspection report has been published on CQC’s website: http://www.cqc.org.uk/location/1-113533637

Under CQC’s programme of inspections, all adult social care services are being given a rating according to whether they are safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led. St Peter’s House is rated Outstanding for being caring and responsive, and Good for being safe, effective and well-led.

Jemima Burnage, CQC’s Head of Inspection for Adult Social Care in the central region said:

“Our inspection team was really impressed by the level of care and support offered to people at St Peter’s House.

“We found that people received excellent care that was personalised to them, taking account of their individual needs and wishes.

“The service provided exceptional, compassionate care to people. Staff treated people with kindness, dignity and respect, knew people well and interactions were relaxed. People who used the service, and their relatives, spoke with great fondness and affection about staff. Staff were committed to the people who lived at the home, ensuring their needs were met in an extremely caring manner.

“We saw examples of staff going above and beyond to meet people’s needs.

People’s preferences, likes and dislikes, their rights to privacy, dignity and independence were taken into consideration by staff in the way they cared for them. Ensuring people received care personalised to meet their needs, and which enhanced their quality of life, was fundamental to the running of the service. The service provided outstanding end of life care and we found effective systems and processes were in place to ensure people experienced a comfortable, dignified death in line with their wishes.

“A great strength of the service was that people had the opportunity to take part in a number of social events and activities based on their preferences. Activities were innovative and involved all staff, including the catering team. There were strong links to the local community and people had the opportunity to engage with people of varying ages such as college students and nursery school children.

“All of this meant people received a high standard of care, which is why it has been rated Outstanding.”    

Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, said:

“The quality of care which our inspectors found here was exceptional and I am very pleased that we can celebrate the service’s achievements.    

“An outstanding service is the result of a tremendous amount of hard work and commitment. I would like to thank and congratulate everyone involved.”


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