Budget 2017 fails to mention a sector on the brink of catastrophe says Learning Disability Voices


A coalition representing 20% of the care sector for people with learning disabilities, Learning Disability Voices, is deeply disappointed that the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond remained silent on the crisis facing social care in today’s Budget statement.

The Chancellor stated his intention for Britain to be ‘a country fit for everyone’ and yet today’s Budget failed to mention an issue affecting many of the most vulnerable people in our society. The Budget did nothing to address the immediate funding gap the Government has created around ‘sleep-in’ shifts or the longer-term funding of vital services for people with learning disabilities.

Responding to the Budget statement
Tim Cooper, co-chair of Learning Disability Voices and CEO of charity providers United Response, said:

“The silence around social care and the Government-created sleep-in crisis is deeply troubling. This is a daily concern for many people working in the care sector and for many vulnerable citizens in the UK who rely on their care.

“The budget does nothing to reduce anxiety for people with the most complex needs, and those talented individuals who care for them. Our carers and the people we care for deserve better than complete silence from this Government.

“The Budget provided no relief for providers, local authorities and disabled people on personal budgets who are compelled to find the £400m to fund the back pay – despite the situation being created by the Government’s own failures.

“The sleep-in crisis is an existential threat to some social care providers, not to mention their staff and the vulnerable people we care for – a fact we have brought to the Government’s attention time and again.

“Government needs to stop ignoring the social care sector and provide the funding for the £400 million backpay bill now.

“Social care staff deserve better wages, and we are also calling for the Government to ensure that squeezed local authorities receive sufficient additional investment to pay for this.

“We now face the gravest challenge to social care that I have witnessed in my 30 years within the sector.”

Matthew Flinton, co-chair of Learning Disability Voices, said:

“Today the Chancellor has missed a crucial opportunity to address the imminent crisis facing the social care sector.”


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