Care leadership team working with one of the UK’s leading specialist learning providers


Care provider Regard is working with one of the UK’s leading specialist learning providers, the Positive Group, to support the company’s leadership team to manage pressure and adapt to change more effectively.

The 20-strong team are set to embark on a programme in partnership with Positive to design, implement and measure learning solutions looking at individual, team and organisational mindsets and behaviours.


It will be the first time Positive, who operate across the corporate, public and educational sectors and who specialise in coaching leaders and senior executives, has worked within the social care industry.


“The resilience and responsiveness of the UK’s leaders, teams and organisations has become paramount for companies to survive and thrive,” said Regard managing director Carole Edmond.


“The partnership with Positive means Regard will be in the vanguard in the care sector when it comes to improving the psychological wellbeing of the leadership team, building resilience and developing potential.


“With the critical challenges facing today’s business environment changing faster than ever, the programme will support Regard to successfully navigate periods of change, transformation and uncertainty.”


Positive co-founder, doctor of medicine and health psychologist, Dr Brian Marien, says the group was looking forward to having the opportunity to take its work into the care sector.


“Our partnership will support Regard staff to improve and maintain psychological wellbeing and manage the unique pressure and challenges presented by the care industry,” said Dr Marien.


Regard, formed in 1994, has grown into one of the top providers of person-centred care within the learning disability and mental health arenas. The company provide supported living, residential and day services in over 159 locations.


Carole, who is author of a doctoral thesis on “female attainment” on how to navigate career challenges, attain career potential and have a fulfilling working life, joined Regard in January 2017 after nearly two decades in the childcare and work/life services sector.


She will be presenting a talk as part of the ‘Barriers, Biases and Beliefs’ conference at Putney High School on September 27 where Positive co-founder Dr Brian Marien will be delivering insights from the latest advances in psychology and neuroscience.



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