Random act of kindness completes seaside treat!


A small group from Stocks Hall Care Home, Skelmersdale recently went to visit Marine Lake Café in Southport.


Jack, Pauline, Alan and Rose accompanied by Tracie and Claire, Activities Staff at the Home enjoyed a wonderful day out and watched the world go by at this fabulous cafe.


Enjoying cool refreshments, listening to live music and eating traditional ice cream, the group fondly laughed and chatted together about holidays and family memories.

They would personally like to thank a very generous lady who was sat close by, who kindly bought the entire group ice creams….what a beautiful and kind thing to do!

The lady who bought the ice creams said she had so much pleasure in watching the group enjoy themselves, together.

Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group would like to give their heartfelt thanks to this lady, who blessed the group with such a random act of compassion and kindness.


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